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Welcome to the OpenDCC Project: (NMRA) Digital Command Control (DCC) protocols to do stuff on our model railroad layouts. The OpenDCC Arduino Library has moved. . . Over the years things have changed and with the rise in popularity of the Arduino platform

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A versatile Arduino stationary dcc decoder When constructing my dcc based train model, I looked for dcc decoder to pilot light (SMD 0402, or standard led), but had difficulty to program them for custom scenario (blinking, road works style, …).

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LocoDec Arduino DCC un decoder para locomotoras. Lora del Ro Manuales Maqueta modular Miniatur Wunderland Modulo 1 y 2 Modulo 5 Modulo Maquetren Modulos Modulos 5 y 6 Motor Shield PC Renfe Rocky Mountaineer Roco Rocrail Santa Fe Servos Software Transiberiano Tren real Trucos WebSocket. Lo ultimo.

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/1/2017An example of DCC model train automation using an Arduino Mega Board and Motor Shield. Sensors are latching Hall Effect ICs - SS461C. Locos are Hornby TTS items and the Points decoder and motors

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Manufacturing procedure Example of manufacturing. You can find soldered printed circuit board of DCC/MM2 shield as followings. Please refer to solder. Insert DCC/MM2 shield to Arduino UNO or galileo gen2. Power on the Arduino. Connection of power supply uses Arduino UNO's DC input.

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/23/2018Software to install on the PC that works together with the Arduino DCC_Decoder_Sound sketch to play sounds, triggered by DCC. Sounds Some sample sounds for use with the DCC_Decoder_Sound and the Sound Software. DCCSound_User_Manual. doc Detailed description how to install and to use the Sound Software and the DCC_Decoder_Sound. RB_S88

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Arduino dcc decoder shield

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0/6/2014The Arduino is [rogrammed as a combined DCC function- and servo decoder. (A thanks to . mynabay for the DCC software) All Arduino outputs can be …

Arduino dcc decoder shield

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LocoNet | Arduino Interface. Loconet is part of a DCC train control system designed by Digitrax to control a model train layout. LocoNet is a Peer to Peer Local Area Network (LAN) designed for very high traffic capacity and free-form wiring as well as future system expandability and ease of upgrade. It is a separate circuit from the track

Arduino dcc decoder shield

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Step 16 - Attach the Arduino to your platform with the USB cable. No photo, but a simple step. Step 17 - Launch Arduino IDE and choose the DCC_Monitor example. If DCC_Decoder isn't there you might need to restart Arduino IDE or the library isn't installed correctly. Go back to step 15.

Arduino dcc decoder shield

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DCC and Arduino. For quite a few (~40) years besides model railroading I also have an interest in electronics. For the : There is a general Arduino DCC library available at model railroading with arduino - this can be used for more useful programs. However, the source code of the library is pretty complex.

Arduino dcc decoder shield

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/7/2018ller, Sven (littleyoda) Contributed Architectures Any. This library allows you to interface to a NMRA DCC track

Arduino dcc decoder shield

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In that article Geoff describes how one can build a small decoder that can be used to trigger up to 17 discrete events. I have Arduino DCC Controller -first design: Shield Version of the Controller

Arduino dcc decoder shield

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Iowa Scaled Engineering’s Arduino DCC Decoder Shield. I’ve recently started to use the Arduino DCC Decoder Shield from Iowa Scaled Engineering and it works really well. It has a number of hardware configuration options for powering the project and which pins the DCC signal is on, which gives some flexibility and it also has the DCC ACK

Arduino dcc decoder shield

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/14/2014 Developing MM2 (with DCC) Shield for Arduino.