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The DS1302 tricklecharge timekeeping chip contains a real- -time clock/calendar and 31 bytes of static RAM. It communicates with a microprocessor via a simple serial interface. The real-time clock/calendar provides seconds, DS1302 Trickle-Charge Timekeeping Chip . The .

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s1302内部寄存器列表如表2所示: 寄存器名称 秒寄存器 分寄存器 小时寄存器 日期寄存器 月份寄存器 周寄存器 年份寄存器 命令字 写 读 80h 81h 82h 83h 84h 85h 86h 88h 8ah 8ch 87h 89h 8bh 8dh 取值范围 00-59 00-59 01-12或00-23 01-28,29,30,31 01-12 01-07 00-99 7 ch 0 12/2 4 0 0 0 6 各位内容 5

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The DS1302RTC library is a drop-in replacement for the DS1307RTC. h library by Michael Margolis that is supplied with the Arduino Time library above. To change from using a DS1307 RTC to a DS1302 RTC, it is only necessary to change the #include statement to include DS1302RTC . h instead of DS1307RTC . h.

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DS1302クロック・モジュールはクロックと 31 bytes メモリーが内蔵し、Arduino のserialポートと通信できます。 このプロジェクトでは、ArduinoでDS1302クロック・モジュールを作動して、日付と時間を獲得して、I2C LCDに日付と時間を表示します。 2)必要なパーツ:

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DS1302 Real Time Clock. The DS1302 is a Real Time Clock (RTC) or TimeKeeping Chip with a build-in Trickle-Charger. Important note : The three pins for the interface should avoid to use the internal pull-up resistors of the Arduino. The DS1302 has internal pull-down resistors,

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The DS1302 is designed to operate on very low power and retain data and clock information on less than 1W. The DS1302 is the successor to the DS1202. In addition to the basic timekeeping functions of the DS1202, the DS1302 has the additional features of dual power pins for primary and backup power supplies, programmable trickle charger for V

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/1/2012Arduino 连接 DS1302时钟模块注:6楼有阉割DS1302库,只显示时钟,没有日期。可以减小体积。DS1302是maxim美信生产的时钟模块,支持年、月、日、时、分、秒、星期显示 Arduino学习笔记A8 - Arduino 连接 DS1302时钟模块 ,极客工坊

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RTC DS3231 / DS1302の概要> 購入したリアルタイムクロックは2種類の Arduino 対応のもので、それぞれ DS3231とDS1302を使った次の様なものでした。 [DS3231モジュール (ZS-042)] 1.I2Cシリアルバス対応 2.温度センサーをチップ内に内臓

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DS1302 RTC library for Arduino. This project is a library for the Arduino platform. It provides a simple interface to the Maxim DS1302 timekeeping chip. It allows Arduino projects to keep accurate time easily.

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The DS1302 Real Time Clock on Arduino Where going demonstrate how to use the DS1302 Real Time Clock with Arduino board, the DS1302 trickle-charge timekeeping chip contains a real-time clock and calendar and 31bytes of static RAM and its communicating with a microcontroller or microprocessor via a simple serial interface.

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M a GND de la placa Arduino.

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Подключение часов реального времени DS1302 к Arduino и дисплея 1602 i2C - часы на ардуино !